FACCE MACSUR Mid-term Scientific Conference

University of Sassari

April 1, 2014 – April 4, 2014

Achievements, Activities, Advancement

The project’s mid-term meeting took place 1–4 April 2014 in Sassari, Sardinia, Italy. It was attended by 120 people including representatives from national ministries, FACCE, and agricultural consultancies. Abstracts of the meeting presentations can be viewed on this site, from where you can also access short papers, videos, and many presentations.
The first day provided an overview of achieved results in the Themes and presented the three integrated regional pilot studies in Finland, Austria, and Italy. The keynote lecture by Uwe Schneider, KlimaCampus Hamburg, titled “Land use science in the 21st century” argued that integrated assessments of interactions between agriculture, society, and the environment are indispensable for sustainable development but still face many challenges related to scales, methodology, and redundancy of embedded models. The first and third day also featured cross-cutting workshops on methods of stakeholder involvement, data management, integrated tools, integration and scaling across farm and higher level, and issues of accounting for and representing uncertainty in modelling studies.
On the second day, Niels Gøtke, chair of the FACCE JPI Governing Board, provided feedback from FACCE on the performance of MACSUR and their expectations for tangible results in the remaining period of the first phase of MACSUR. The remainder of the day was dedicated to Theme meetings where new results were presented and plans for future work were discussed. The sessions closed with a plenary discussion on a potential follow-up phase of MACSUR from 2015 until 2017. Posters have been presented which initiated lively discussions among participants throughout the entire meeting. They also stimulated discussions with and among the students of the university who used adjacent lecture rooms. The excursion to two dairy farms on Sardinia on day three provided an opportunity for asking farmers directly about their concerns with respect to climate change.

Together with many helping hands, the local organizers, led by Pier Paolo Roggero, created a stimulating atmosphere throughout the entire four days. Video clips of interviews with local shoppers, farmers, and administrators provided information about perceived climate change. Additional highlights of the mid-term meeting were the manifold, high-quality cultural offerings at the very interactive social dinner at the Circolo Ufficiali “Brigata Sassari” together with the good food from the Oristano region.


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The conference is significantly funded by the Research Council of Norway through the Norwegian consortium in MACSUR, with additional contributions by Thünen-Institute